Scottish 6 Day Orienteering Event 2005 - Competitor Survey Results

This page provides information gathered from the survey of competitors at Scottish 6-Days 2005, Royal Deeside.

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The event was a huge success for Scottish Orienteering and the local Deeside area, with an increase in attendance on the 2003 event particularly from overseas competitors. There was a high level of satisfaction with the event from participants, with a large proportion planning to return for the next event in 2007. Local businesses also reported a very successful week with tourist accommodation almost fully booked and some local attractions enjoying record numbers of visitors. The event made a substantial contribution to the local economy and more widely in Scotland, with many competitors extending their holiday in other parts of the country.

Results from the Competitor Survey

461 forms were returned, covering 1220 pre-entered competitors (40% of total).

The estimated total number of people at the event (including entry on the day competitors, children on the string courses and non-participants) - 3740.

Accommodation Used:

Accommodation in the Deeside area was saturated, with self catering units booked out months in advance of the event. Numbers on the event campsite were higher than at previous events because some people were unable to find suitable alternative accommodation. A small number of people who entered the event early subsequently cancelled because they were unable to find accommodation to meet their requirements within a reasonable distance of the competition areas.


(% of total evening meals taken during the week)

Travel During The Week

(% of competitors travelling by each method. Percentages do not sum to 100 because more than one method may have been used)


Approximately 750 people camped on the site at Crathes Castle in two separate fields (general and youth sites). The campsite was rated as follows:

Excellent - 23%; good - 46%; satisfactory - 28%; poor - 3%

The event campsite offered only basic camping facilities as is usual at Scottish 6 Day events. The expectations of some campers without previous experience of event camps may have been higher.

The separate youth campsite and provision of the marquee for meals, bar and social events was generally considered a great success. There was a lower level of disturbance on the site from youth campers than in previous years.

Social programme

33% reported that they attended at least one event from the social programme. Of these, the events were rated:

Excellent - 45%; good - 46%; satisfactory - 8%; poor - 1%.

The ceilidh, traditional music nights and quiz night were particularly popular. In particular the ceilidh was sold out (300 tickets) and would have benefited from a larger venue.

The provision of the bar in the event marquee was a vital contributor to the success of the social programme and was welcomed by competitors.

Rest Day Activities

Most participants used the rest day to visit local attractions in the area. Popular activities/places to visit included:

Economic benefit

Estimated total local expenditure during 6 Day week: £770,000 (+11% on Moray 2003)

14% spent additional holiday time in Scotland, for an average of 6 days. Estimated total additional spending £220,000.

Total Economic Benefit To Scotland From The 6 Day Event: £990,000

Comments from local businesses

Previous attendance

Number of Scottish 6 day events attended previously
Rest of UK8%45%32%15%

Event Rating

Event rating by competitors
Rest of UK82%17%1%0%

Event format

98% indicated that they were happy with the current format of 6 days with a rest day mid-week.

18% indicated that they would like to see middle-distance races included during the week. These were well spread across the age range.

Coming to Spey 2007?

Competitors intentions to return to Spey 2007
Rest of UK92%6%2%

The most common reason for not coming was a wish to take part in events in other countries. Many of the 'no's said they would not come to Spey but would return for a future Scottish 6 Day event in a few years' time, and that they would recommend the event to others.

A continuing overseas marketing effort will be needed to ensure that overseas attendance at future events maintains or increases the 2005 level.

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