Day Co-ordinator Director, Rachel Wilson

Liaison with the overall Day Co-ordinator on the Central Organising Team and through this person, the individual Day Organisers.
Reporting to the Board of Directors of the Scottish Orienteering 6-Day Event Company.

Main areas covered for each event

Contents of Organiser’s Manual.

An overview of, advice and assistance (if necessary) with:

  • Appointment, co-ordination and supervision of team leaders.
  • Manpower for everything on the day except the Central Organisation roles.
  • Preparation of information for programme and daily news sheet.
  • Health & Safety for the day, including completion of Risk Assessment and Emergency Rescue Plan.
  • Car Parking / newsletter distribution / road marshalling.
  • Starts.
  • Assembly Area (layout, entrance, exit, Traders, Results display, toilets, rubbish).
  • Signage within Assembly/Car Parking and to Starts.
  • String / Off string courses.
  • Drinks stations in the forest (if any).
  • Prize giving (Day 6).

10th Nov 2015