Elite Director, Ewan McCarthy

Liaison with the Event Co-ordinator, Technical Co-ordinator and Day Organising Co-ordinator on the Central Organising Team and the Technical Director on the Board of Directors.
Reporting to the Board of Directors of the Scottish Orienteering 6-Day Event Company.

Main areas covered

  1. Attraction of elite competitors from across the world to the Scottish 6-Day Event.
  2. Through liaison with the Technical Director ensuring the best possible courses for the Elite competition.

Further information

  1. Keep a watching brief (through formal and informal survey) on the expectations of the Elite competitor at multi-day events.
  2. Take an active role with trying to attract ‘high status’ events as part of the Scottish 6-Day Event (e.g. WRE).
  3. Liaise with the Technical Director and the Technical Co-ordinator to ensure that the competition areas and courses are suitable for the Elite competition.
  4. Be pro-active with regard to the format of the variety of disciplines offered to the Elite competition within the six days of competition.

Note: it is widely recognised that many clubs members in Scandinavia and elsewhere follow their elite athletes to multi-day events; if the Scottish 6-Day Event can attract elite athletes, many of their club members should follow.

30th Nov 2016