Highland 2015 volunteers

Information about the allocation of clubs to days and a request for individuals who would like to be a planner or controller has just been issued by the Central Organising Team.

The next Scottish 6-days event (S6D) will be held from 2 - 8 August 2015 in conjunction with the World Orienteering Championships (WOC 2015) and will be based in Inverness. The areas being used for S6D 2015 are Keppernach, Glen Strathfarrar, Darnaway (used twice) and Glen Affric (also used twice), WOC races will take place in different parts of the forest at Darnaway on the 5th August and in Glen Affric on the 7th August.

Allocation of S6D Areas to SOA Clubs

The club grouping and allocation of areas for S6D 2015 is as follows:

Day/Date S6D Location SOA Clubs
Sunday 2nd Aug Keppernach GRAMP + COT/INVOC (part)
Monday 3rd Aug Glen Strathfarrar MOR, RR
Tuesday 4th Aug Rest Day  
Wednesday 5th Aug Darnaway MAROC, KFO, ELO
Thursday 6th Aug Darnaway INTERLOPERS, CLYDE, SOLWAY, EUOC
Friday 7th Aug Affric FVO, BASOC, STAG
Saturday 8th Aug Affric ECKO, TAY, AYROC, TINTO + COT/ESOC (part)

The references to COT in the above list mean that some members of the Central Organising Team (COT) clubs will be added in to the list of general helpers on those days but they will not be available to take on organiser or team leader roles and don’t need to be consulted at this stage in nominating officials.

The allocation above means that each day should have at least the minimum number of volunteers needed for the day team to function with reasonable efficiency. Club helper numbers were taken from Moray 2013 volunteer helper figures and the above allocation was, to some extent, based on these figures.  We hope all our Scottish clubs will pull out all the stops once again to recruit extra family members, ex-Club members, friends etc.  At Moray 2013 these extra helpers were a huge help and we hope you can persuade your members to recruit their friends from all walks of life to help out again in 2015.

Day Officials

Due to the impact of WOC, we want to appoint all the S6D major day officials earlier than normal so that liaison with WOC planners and controllers in shared areas can take place as soon as practical. Similarly, we also want to appoint our day organisers at this early stage to ensure there is liaison with planners and controllers from the outset.

Planners and Controllers

In a change from normal practice due to the impact of WOC, rather than asking each day to nominate planners and assistant controllers, we would like to appoint all planners and all controllers from Scotland as a whole (as already happens with main controllers).


The organiser role will follow the same general pattern as is usual for S6D. There will be a day organiser and assistant organiser, or co-organiser, for each day and these should be nominated by the club groups as above. The role of organiser within the S6D structure is a little different to that of organiser for other, equally big, but single events. We therefore ask that the volunteer nominated to take on the role of lead organiser for each day already has S6D organising experience. Ideally both the day organisers would have S6D experience but we recognise this may be too much to expect.

What to Do Next

This information is being sent to all SOA Club Secretaries. We would be grateful if you could forward the this information first of all to your Club Committee and then onwards to your Club members and request anyone interested in taking on a role as planner, controller or organiser gets in touch with the relevant Central Organising Team member as follows:


The deadline for nominating or volunteering as day officials was originally hoped to be 31 December 2013. We recognise this is no longer realistic due to the delay in sending out this request until the WOC days had been announced. The deadline is therefore 31 January 2014.

After that date Dave and Margaret, along with the rest of the S6D 2015 Central Organising Team (COT), will finalise the teams of day officials. The individual volunteers will be informed first, followed soon afterwards by Clubs via Club Secretaries, during February 2014.

Thank you for your help

Margaret Dalgleish

On behalf of S6D 2015 COT

08th Dec 2013