Relationships between the Board and Central Organisation

Relationships between the 6-Day Company Board and the Central Organisation of Individual 6-Day Events

Relationships between the 6-Day Company Board and the Central Organisation of Individual 6-Day Events.

The aims and policies of the 6-Day Event are fully described in the Ethos of the current 6-Day Event document and these will always underpin the work of both the Board and the Central Organisation. The essential role of the Board is to ensure the long term financial viability of the event and to maintain its continuity from event to event in line with the Ethos. The Central Organising team is responsible for the staging of the event within these parameters.

Careful budgetary control is essential.  A budget should be agreed between the Board and the Co-ordinator and Treasurer from the Central Organisation as early as practical.  Prior to then any spending commitments (other than the ‘usual’ ones e.g. mapping) should be remitted to the Board for formal approval.  After the budget has finally been agreed, any significant variation from this should also be approved by the Board.

Regular and effective communications between the Board and the Central Organisation is the key to a successful partnership.  These are achieved as follows:

• the Co-ordinator shall be co-opted onto the Board immediately after his/her appointment and thereafter attend Board meetings and provide regular reports on progress

• a member of the Board of Directors shall work closely with the Co-ordinator and other lead central organising personnel in the early stages of planning, i.e. in the selection of event areas and event centre.

• the Directors with specific roles and responsibilities (finance, technical & mapping, day organisation, sponsorship and publicity, technology, elite competition) shall liaise directly and on a regular basis with their counterparts in the Central Organisation

• following an event the out-going co-ordinator shall remain co-opted to the Board for a period of two years to ensure that lessons gained from the event shall be carried forward

Through these arrangements any material departures from the Ethos document will be identified and discussed.  Such changes can only be implemented with the Board’s formal approval.  Less significant changes to the event organisation can generally be agreed more informally through the above communications.

Mike Atherton
Anne Hickling

November 2008

30th Nov 2008