Technical Director, Colin Eades

Liaison with the Technical Co-ordinator and Mapping Co-ordinator on the Central Organising Team and the Elite Director on the Board of Directors.
Reporting to the Board of Directors of the Scottish Orienteering 6-Day Event Company.

Main areas covered.

  1. Competition areas & mapping.
  2. Course planning & controlling

Further information.

  1. Competition areas & mapping
    1. Ensuring that quality areas are selected for competition.
    2. Mapping – checking mapping contracts.
  2. Course planning & controlling
    1. Ensuring that the Technical Manual is updated after each 6-Day event feedback meeting.
    2. Involved with appointment of senior controllers.
    3. Liaison with the Elite Director and awareness of the format of the Elite competition.
    4. Related computer software issues: CONDES, use of currently stipulated for course planning.
    5. Awareness of potential requirement to arrange training updates for the planners and controllers for the immediate event.
    6. Very limited input to issues relating to race day software: e.g. some input to discussion on race timing methods and to the handling of disqualifications.
    7. An awareness of the requirement to ensure links to the Equipment Team and Computing Team.
    8. Ensuring that the 6-Day event has appointed a jury in case there are any appeals.

02nd Dec 2016