Technology Director, Robin Strain

Liaison with the Event Computing Manager, the Website Manager, Entries Manager, Results Manager and the Equipment Team Co-ordinator on the Central Organising Team.
Reporting to the Board of Directors of the Scottish Orienteering 6-Day Event Company.

Main areas covered.

  • Aiding the Board of Directors in any way possible, especially where technological advances are concerned.
  • Maintain a good knowledge of the current state of technologies (both hardware and software) in use for the 6-day Orienteering Event.  This includes electronic punching, website and any other technological aspect of the event.
  • To research and make suggestions to the 6-day Company Directors which will improve the competitor’s experience of the 6-day Orienteering Event or reduce the workload placed upon the event specific Central Organising Team.
  • To perform research into potential advances in technology that may affect the 6-day Orienteering Event in its current state, such as changes in e-punching hardware. These will need to be dealt with far enough in advance for the event to run smoothly.

20th Aug 2008